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Nature is diverse and unique. Unique gardens, exteriors, and original design ideas require planters and objects that are tailored to your individual needs. That is why Swisspearl enables individual designs for planters and objects for outdoor use in terms of color, format, and size.

The material’s extraordinary durability and the natural components make our fiber cement sustainable. Swisspearl fiber cement is very stable, weather-resistant, and winterproof—the perfect characteristics for outdoor design elements. The unique character of the material and the variety of shapes and colors open up unlimited design possibilities—a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Custom line

For unique spatial conditions

The custom-made planters look great not only to decorate gardens, terraces, and other outdoor spaces. They also make an excellent plant privacy screen or room divider and thus become part of a well thought-out, unique overall design. 

The Custom Line planters are made from Swisspearl fiber cement panels and are tailored to suit the customers’ requirements. A maximum length of 2.5 m and a maximum height of 1.25 m is possible.


1| Many shapes

The basic rectangular shape is not the only option: many other shapes are available. Feasibility on request. 

2| Color variety

Available in natural grey, anthracite and in all RAL and NCS colors (except pearl colors). 

3| Water control

Water outlet via bottom holes or optionally integrated water accumulation with overflow and water level control. 

Green oasis, thanks to custom-made planters

The roof terrace full of plants offers an unobstructed view of Lake Zurich and the Schwyz mountain panorama. The highlights are two large Japanese maples, which were planted centrally in 100x100 cm and 120x120 cm square Custom Line pots. Thanks to evergreen planting in custom-made fiber cement pots along the parapet, the large roof terrace enjoys year-round privacy and a green outdoor area in the city center of Jona.

pflanzwerk gmbh_Eternit Customline_Sept21_001
Project management: Pflanzwerk GmbH
pflanzwerk gmbh_Eternit Customline_Sept21_005 Kopie
Custom made

Individual pot and object shapes

With Swisspearl you can realize individual products, solutions, and designs—the way you want it. We support you with our expertise and technical knowledge from consulting to production. Many different and amazing projects have already been realized—for and with product designers, architects, companies, or the public sector. The possibilities are endless with us and with fiber cement.

G19_2020_Foto_6 Kopie

Planter G19 by BURRI public elements

The raised planter made of natural and durable fiber cement is not only suitable for indoor or outdoor use, it is also available in three different heights. And if you like it more colorful, you can also have the hot-dip galvanized steel frame coated in the desired RAL color.

IMG_1904 Kopie
Planter G19 by BURRI public elements.
IMG_1900 Kopie
Custom color

Colors for individual designs

Planters in the corporate colors? Do you need a specific color concept for the design of gardens, terraces, and public outdoor spaces? How about individual splashes of color in the outdoor area? Our custom colors range from classic anthracite, to opaque colors, to soft tones in a large selection of RAL and NCS colors.


Planters for the Lindengarten Biersfelden

The idea was for climbing plants to cover the drainage and irrigation pipes of the slender balconies and fill the facade with greenery. The architects at Volpatohatz designed individually coated and shaped planters for this purpose.
Swisspearl advised the architects on production technology and manufactured the unique pots at the Payerne factory.

Custom made planter for Volpatohatz architects

Get inspired!

You can find more information about sizes, colors, and shapes in our garden catalog.

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