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Swisspearl Plank Original

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Swisspearl Plank Original

For a natural look and feel of wood

Swisspearl Plank Original is the ideal solution to replace the use of high maintenance wood on your facade. It can be installed like any wooden facade alternatives. Because of the excellent properties of fibre cement, it does not rot, crack, warp or require repainting. Plank Original comes in 20 painted surfaces that will guarantee a consistent coverage. We offer a broad spectrum of design possibilities. Plank comes in cedar and smooth surface and special colours are available upon request.

AppearanceThicknessMax. widthMax. length
20 colours, Non-through coloured8 mm180 mm3600 mm
Technical data
Fibre cement
Coating and surface
Swisspearl Plank Original comes with a painted surface. An automated painting process seals each piece for maximum resistance to exterior exposure
Non-through coloured
Fire protection Class
A2 - s1, d0
Fixing - steel
Use Swisspearl SCR-S 4.2x30mm Universal screw when Swisspearl Plank Original is installed as shiplap on a steel substructure.
Fixing - wood
Use Swisspearl SCR-W 3.9x38 mm Universal screw when Swisspearl Plank Original is installed as shiplap on wood.
_DSC9244 4500px
Colour: CP 150
_DSC9271 4500px-2
Strong characteristics
Non Combustible
Swisspearl facade panels are non-combustible. They have excellent fire behavior values and provide the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.
Durability and Maintenance free
Low maintenance
Swisspearl panels are durable, extremely resistant and have low maintenance. Their highly resistant surface finish does not require repainting even after years.
Sustainable and Efficient
The durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting and safe building envelope for decades.
Long-lasting Reliability
Weather resistant
Fibre cement is an extremely weather-resistant material. Severe weather conditions cannot harm the façade.

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