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Facade design with fibre cement

A facade is the most distinctive element of any building. Different treatment techniques give each fibre cement panel its own character, which is characterised by an independent surface structure, colourfulness and through-colouring. As a sustainable material with character, fiber cement impresses with artistic design diversity and technical safety.

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Colorline Carat
The classic, timelessly beautiful

Carat is a through-coloured, naturally dried fibre cement panel with a lightly pigmented, covered surface. With its particularly natural and timeless beauty, the monolithic material is characterized by its expressive appearance. 

Colourline Gravial
Structure through linear milling

Gravial is a naturally dried fibre cement panel with a linear, geometrical grooved surface and glazing coating. Depending on the position and incident daylight, Gravial offers a rich contrast and unique interplay of light and shadow.

Colourline Reflex
Discreet iridescent and shimmering

Reflex is a large format, naturally dried fibre cement panel with a reflective surface coating that creates a different return of light. The metallic character gives the panels a sophisticated, shiny look; depending on the vantage point, the coating creates amazing nuances of color.

Colourline Vintago
Sanded with slightly rough surface

Vintago is a through-coloured, naturally dried fibre cement panel with a sanded and slightly rough surface. The polishing process with a rough sanding grit brings the interior and the originality of the fiber cement panel to the forefront.

Colourline Vintago-Reflex
Rough, lively and shiny

Vintago-Reflex is a through-coloured, naturally dried fibre cement board with a sanded, slightly rough surface and a reflective surface coating. This creates a different return of the light and, depending on the viewing angle, a restrained, shimmering look. The combination of textured surface and shimmering accents makes Vintago-Reflex unique.

Colourline Avera
Natural, cloudy and unique

Avera is a through-coloured, naturally dried fibre cement panel with a flat surface. The glazed coating brings the natural texture and cloudy character of the fiber cement to the fore. Varying shades within a colour tone and between individual panels are a natural part of Avera. This emphasizes the lively character of this colour line.

Colourline Nobilis
Graceful and noble gray shades

Nobilis is a naturally dried, gray fibre cement panel with a translucent, lightly pigmented finish that subtly highlights the fiber cement texture in its natural beauty and elegance. The shades are characterized by finely harmonized shades of gray.

Colourline Terra
Earth tones in subtle nuances

Terra is a naturally dried, gray fibre cement panel with a lightly glazed, yet richly applied surface coating. The brownish natural earth tones are slightly nuanced among themselves and allow the building to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

Colourline Planea
Fresh, playful and light

Planea is a gray fibre cement panel with a matt, smooth surface and an overcoat. The clear, colour-intensive and fresh colours stand for vitality and lightness.

Patina Original P070
Colourline Patina Original
Anything but ordinary

Patina Original is a coloured fibre cement panel with a textured surface that stylishly showcases the character of the material. The texture emphasises the fibres and the characterful properties of the raw materials. As the seasons change, a subtle patina is created that tells the story of the building and brings its facade to life. Due to the slight sanding, it is important to ensure that Patina Original panels are installed in the correct direction.

Patina Rough P070
Colourline Patina Rough
Smooth on the outside, tough on the inside

Patina Rough is a coloured-though fibre cement panel that creates a varied appearance due to its rough, sandblasted surface. Subtle variations in colour and
texture make each panel unique. Like all variants of the Patina series, Patina Rough forms a fine coating over the years, which gives the facade an individual character. The exquisite shades support the rough surface in its expressiveness and form a harmonious combination with the other Patina products.

Patina Inline P020
Colourline Patina Inline
Walking the line between shadow and light

Patina Inline is a coloured-through fibre cement panel with a linear milled surface structure. The indentations create an atmospheric play of shadows, which changes depending on the time of day and viewing angle. A fine patina will form on the surface over time. The restrained colours, which range from white to beige to a dark grey, create a stylish harmony in combination with the milled surface.

Patina Signature P020
Colourline Patina Signature
Turn your building into your canvas

Patina Signature is a sandblasted facade panel with a fully customizable surface. An embossing process creates two haptically contrasting structures: A sandblasted, rough look and a surface with finely sanded lines. The structure in which the desired motif should appear can be freely selected. Even fine details can be depicted thanks to the precise process.

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