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The Swisspearl Magazine has been taking us on an architectural journey around the world for many years. Our products combine aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability on different continents. The magazine presents outstanding projects in different regions of the world and provides insight into the fascinating world of fibre cement. We explain how our material is turned into design objects and we introduce the people behind our innovation and the people who ensure that our products meet the highest standards. The highlight of the magazine is the annual “Top Bau.” These projects are not only outstanding from an architectural point of view, they also have to meet special requirements and are often very challenging for the architects during construction. 

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Topics in the current issue #30

The 30th edition of the magazine is all about variety. Variety in architecture with various requirements and under various conditions. From large constructions like Collin College in the United States to tiny houses like the Wiki house in Mongolia, from buildings in urban settings to buildings in remote areas: distinctive Swisspearl facades can be found around the world, yet every house is unique.

The world of colours is also unique. Colours alone offer endless design possibilities. We offer a glimpse into the world of colours and demonstrate the close relationship between functionality and aesthetics. Versatility is not only evident in the world of colours: our employees all over the world also contribute individually to our success. The magazine introduces 30 Swisspearl staff members. 

Collin College Technical Campus, Allen, TX, US
Top Bau
Architectural inspiration for future generations

This year’s Swisspearl “Top Bau” is the modern Collin College in Texas (USA), a 200 meter long light-filled building that overcomes not only ecological challenges, but is also a novel and well thought-through concept for future models.

Collin College Technical Campus, Allen, TX, US
200-meter building enclosed by Swisspearl fibre cement panels
Collin College Technical Campus, Allen, TX, US
Nobilis, Campaign
A world of colour that combines art and science

Humans have always been fascinated by the variety of colours. Find out more about the history of colour in architecture, the role of the buildings surroundings with respect to colour, and the precision and technology with which Swisspearl is able to create the exact colour tone for every building envelope.

A colourful contrast to the rugged landscape of the Swiss Alps
Trash Cube_Eternit_freisteller 1
Trash Cube
Liveliness and plasticity play with light and shadows

A mass made of pressed and folded pieces of fibre cement material, a sculptural diamond in the rough that appears to be framed by an external form. The fibre cement looks both wild and pliable. The top and bottom are smooth and functional. The center shows the malleability and strength of the material. Its unique yet universal shape makes it an versatile design. The Swisspearl Architecture Magazine showcases the journey of the Trash Cube from idea to result.

Trash Cube campaign
Behind facades

Every day they make sure you can rely on Swisspearl, no matter the region of the world your building project takes place. Every step counts. We guarantee that our high-quality material will meet the highest standards wherever it is used. In this anniversary edition, we feature 30 employees who represent everyone who contributes to the success of Swisspearl in their own individual ways.

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