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The Swisspearl Sustainability Report

Building sustainable projects

Sustainability at Swisspearl

We support a more sustainable build and buildings

At Swisspearl, we work hard to promote more sustainable buildings

As one of the building industry's leading suppliers, we see it as our responsibility to drive development in the right direction. We are partners of pioneers within the industry, and we work for transparency and tangible solutions when it comes to our concerted efforts to ensure a better and more sustainable world. 

Why we need to build in a sustainable manner

The world needs us to think carefully about how we act as this also applies to the building industry. Climate change, biodiversity loss and limited resources all demand a rapid transition to responsible, holistic building. This responsibility is something that we all share. 

For Swisspearl, this means meeting today's needs without having a negative impact on future generations. It really comes down to being a little better today than we were yesterday. You can read more on these pages about our products and our work. 

Certified Miljöbyggnad Silver Förskolan Sandslottet, Sköndal Sweden

Our achievements

We are already well underway ...

... without in any way being able to claim that we have achieved all our goals. At Swisspearl, we therefore continue to work step-by-step in a more sustainable direction. Here are just a few examples of what we have achieved in recent years: 

  • The Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on Swisspearl's products are all verified by third parties.
  • We deliver building materials and components that bring quality to buildings that satisfy DGNB, BREEAM, LEED, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Sunda Hus.
  • Our products are assessed and admitted onto databases of materials for sustainable building in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.
  • The cellulose fibres in our fibre cement come from responsibly managed forests.
  • Swisspearl works to increase the share of renewable electricity.
  • At all our factories we are dedicated to responsible water treatment. All factories carry out proper purification and ensure fulfilment of local environmental regulations. At one of our factories, we have even managed to establish production that does not discharge any effluents, except from the toilets and the canteen.
  • Our management systems and our work involving environment, quality and safety include ISO certifications and sharing of best practices.

Use Swisspearl for a full range of applications

Roofs, facades, structures and interior walls. Renovations and new builds. Fibre cement from Swisspearl can be used for all these applications and help to ensure a more sustainable direction for architecture and the building concerned. Some of the leading features of our products are:

  • Thin, strong and suitable for lightweight structures with a low carbon footprint 
  • Non-combustible, moisture-resistant, open for diffusion and resistant to mould and rot 
  • Resistant to water, wind, snow, drying-out, sunlight, UV, drying-out and temperature fluctuations 
  • Easy to install and disassemble – and therefore easy to reuse or recycle 
  • Robust, long-life and low maintenance
Glavsfjordens Förskola, Årsta, Sweden

How we work with sustainability

The building industry is changing

Buildings and good architecture provide the framework for good life. However, they also consume resources, require energy, emit CO2 and produce waste. The building and construction industry therefore needs to deal with this in a new way. At Swisspearl, we work every day to develop products that can contribute to more sustainable building. At the same time, we are working to reduce our own carbon footprint, cut waste and minimize our environmental impact from production. 

We look at sustainability from a social, environmental and economic perspective

This means that a building must be a good place in which to live or stay, must have a low impact on the environment and climate, and must have a sound economy throughout its life cycle. This also means that as a supplier we must do our utmost to drive building in a greener direction – by means of our use of resources, our production and logistics, as well as endeavouring to operate our enterprise in a responsible manner.  

Be inspired

Sustainable buildings with fibre cement

Do you want to see more? We have collected a selection of sustainable buildings for you right here.

AGA_5766_Kastellin monitoimtalo_1408
AGA_5767_Kastellin monitoimtalo_1408
AGA_5768_Kastellin monitoimtalo_1408
Chloe On Madison Apartments, Seattle, Washington, USA
Chloe On Madison Apartments, Seattle, Washington, USA
Chloe On Madison Apartments, Seattle, Washington, USA

Reports and documentation

Good decisions are founded on an informed and transparent basis. We make it easier to choose materials and structures by collecting together all our documentation in one place.  

You can read more about our certifications, environmental product declarations and other approvals concerning sustainable building here. 

7630-3934 web
DGNB Gold certified Tankefuld, Svendborg, Denmark

How we can help

Our services

We will make it easy for you to understand the qualities of fibre cement and choose the perfect product for your project. We are therefore ready to help in all phases of the process – from original concept to actual construction work. 

We can provide advice on the choice of materials, structures and installation. We can review plans and make sure that the materials are utilised efficiently. We can provide advice with regard to building legislation and good building practices, hold start-up meetings with craftsmen at the building site, and much more besides ... 

We are always available to help and support you, as and when you need it. 

Contact us

Would you like to know more about our focus on sustainability, our certifications or how we can make a tangible contribution to your building project? We are always ready to help.

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