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Herba House, Torun, Polen
Herba House, Torun, Polen
Herba House, Torun, Polen
Herba House, Torun, Polen
One House, Two Faces
Herba House | Torun, Poland

Herba House has two distinct faces, closed to the street and open to the river. The “house” to the street facing northward is clad in black Swisspearl panels, while the southern part of the house consist of terraces that open out onto the riverside and cascade down the slope.

Herba House, Torun, Polen
  • LocationTorun, Poland
  • ArchitectJakub Sucharski, Poznan, L-V-COUNTRY-PL
  • PartnerBausan Aluminium, Torun, L-V-COUNTRY-PL
  • Year2017
  • PhotographerJakub Certowicz, Piechowice, L-V-COUNTRY-PL
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