Moxy Hotel - Swisspearl
Moxy Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Moxy Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Moxy Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Lively and transparent embedding
Moxy Hotel | Chicago, IL, USA

The building of the Moxy Hotel in Chicago meets the ground as a friendly, lively, and at the same time transparent component of its vibrant neighborhood. An incorporated floor-to-ceiling glass wall in the guestroom corridor frames a dramatic view of the skyline, inviting guests to experience Chicago‘s charm. From the exterior perspective, the dominating glass is perfectly framed by grey Swisspearl fiber cement panels providing a simple and plain appearance that implies itself into the context of the neighborhood.

Moxy Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • LocationChicago, IL, USA
  • ArchitectDLR Group, Chicago, L-V-COUNTRY-US
  • PartnerDenk & Roche, Bensenville, L-V-COUNTRY-US
  • Year2018
  • PhotographerJames Steinkamp, Hinsdale, L-V-COUNTRY-US
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