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Forbes, Annapolis, MD, US
Forbes, Annapolis, MD, US
Forbes, Annapolis, MD, US
Forbes, Annapolis, MD, US
Fit the existing footprint
Forbes Office Building | Annapolis, MD, USA

107 Forbes is a new, single-tenant office building facing Rowe Boulevard, a prominent location at the gateway to the city’s historic center and West Annapolis neighborhood. The new building replaces a group of commercial buildings along Rowe Boulevard. In order to get permission for the building, it had to fit within the existing footprint and maintain a similar volume, height, and floor area. The ground floor façade is constructed from timber cladding and glass, while the upper floor is clad in thin horizontal strips of overlapping grey Swisspearl panels. Large windows bring ample light into the interior. The upper floor cantilevers over the lower level longitudinally creating the impression of a floating box.

Forbes, Annapolis, MD, US
  • LocationAnnapolis, MD, USA
  • ArchitectGriD Architects, Annapolis, L-V-COUNTRY-US
  • BuilderMRE Capital, Annapolis, L-V-COUNTRY-US
  • PartnerChesapeake Siding Contractors Inc., Elkridge, L-V-COUNTRY-US
  • Year2019
  • PhotographerBrycen Fischer Photography LLC, Lutherville , L-V-COUNTRY-US
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