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High Performance Building
Tagus Gas | Lisbon, Portugal

The envelope is a core element of this sustainability strategy, which covers the building’s entire life cycle—from manufacturing and construction to utilisation and postoccupancy. The façade system features extensive high-performance glazing, veiled by a perforated skin made of sustainably produced and recyclable Swisspearl panels. Dotted by countless circular holes, the cladding helps minimise energy consumption by letting plenty of natural light penetrate the building. At the same time, it screens a number of manually operable windows, which allow the interiors to be naturally ventilated, improving air quality and comfort levels while significantly reducing expenditures for air-conditioning units. Beyond its practical benefits, the perforated cladding serves a major aesthetic purpose. Inconspicuous during the day, the myriad perforations create a striking display when the interior is fully lit, conferring a glowing, almost dematerialising effect to the façades. Moreover, the perforation pattern incorporates the company logo, thus advertising the brand to the nearby A1 highway, which connects Lisbon and Porto, the country’s most populous cities.

  • LocationLisbon, Portugal
  • ArchitectSaraiva & Associados, Lisboa, Portugal
  • BuilderTagus Gás, Cartaxo, Portugal
  • PartnerSotecnisol, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Year2014
  • PhotographerFG+SG, Lisbon, Portugal
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