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Swisspearl Sustainability Report

Swisspearl delivers products to outstanding sustainable and architectural buildings across Europe. To find out more about our sustainability ambitions, activities and results, read our detailed sustainability report.

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Find your local service and sales contacts here

At Swisspearl we have a full team of external sales and service contacts that are here to support and help you. Whether you are searching for support on facade, building board, slates, corrugated or plank we are here. 

Customer Service
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Sales & Customer Service - Slate, Plank, Building Board & Facade

Warrington Office

+44(0)20 3372 2300sales@gb.swisspearl.com
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Sales & Customer Service - Corrugated Roofing

Warrington Office

+44(0)20 3372 2300customerservices@gb.swisspearl.com
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Stephanie Line

Customer Service  & Operations Manager

+44(0)20 3372 2300stephanie.line@swisspearl.net
Sales - (Slate, Plank and Corrugated )
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Fergal McKeown

Country Manager - All Products

++44(0)20 3372 2300fergal.mckeown@swisspearl.net
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Craig Mayor

National Sales Manager

+44(0)7824 865361craig.mayor@swisspearl.net
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Mel Bentley

Sales Development Manager - South (Corrugated)

+44(0)7881 266402paul.bentley@swisspearl.net
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Michael Ennis

Regional Sales Manager - Scotland, North England (Slate, Plank, Corrugated)

+44(0)7471 215368michael.ennis@swisspearl.net
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Clare Cooling

Regional Sales Manager -  (Corrugated)

+44(0)7881 266405clare.cooling@swisspearl.net
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Phil Lewis

Regional Sales Manager - Wales & South West (Corrugated)

+44(0)7976 267524phil.lewis@swisspearl.net
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Phillip Williams

Regional Sales Manager - South Wales, South West (Slate, Plank)

+44(0)7976 367045phillip.williams@swisspearl.net
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Robyn Lunt

Regional Sales Manager - Midlands, North Wales (Slate, Plank)

+44(0)7570 357153robyn.lunt@swisspearl.net
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Jason Holladay

Regional Sales Manager - South East (Slate, Plank)

+44(0)7970 815260jason.holladay@swisspearl.net
Sales - (Facade & Board)

Samantha Spencer

Head of UK Façade, Building Boards and Specification

+44(0)7801 479173sam.spencer@swisspearl.net
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Stephanie Garcia-Olmo

National Façade Specification Manager

+44(0)7801 479157steph.garcia-olmo@swisspearl.net
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Paul Bhaker

Regional Specification Manager

+44 (0)7920 054552paul.bhaker@swisspearl.net
Samples, Literature & Marketing
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Samples, Literature & Marketing Team

+44(0)20 3372 2300info@gb.swisspearl.com
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