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Swisspearl delivers products to outstanding sustainable and architectural buildings across Europe. To find out more about our sustainability ambitions, activities and results, read our detailed sustainability report.

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Corrugated Sheets
Swisspearl B5

Roofing for single storey buildings

Popular on individual and battery garages B5 is a useful product for the roofing merchant to stock to service the demand for refurbishment and replacement of 3” corrugated sheets on older garages as well as supplying the equine buildings market. Available in 6 colours utilising Swisspearl’s 3-part painting process Swisspearl B5 has a high-quality durable finish. 


B5 is also available in the traditional uncoated natural grey. Swisspearl B5 comes in 12 lengths from 4‘6” to 10’6” with matching translucent sheets for natural light. The range is completed by ridges, bargeboards and finials as well as fixings and eaves fillers all available. Swisspearl corrugated sheets are guaranteed and fully accredited.

Colours AvailableThicknessWidthLength
Unfinished & 6 colour options6 mm1020 mmmultiple
Technical data
Fibre cement
Coating and surface
Water-based acrylic paint
Natural Grey unpainted + 8 painted
Fire protection class
A2 - s1, d0 (painted) A1 (for Natural Grey unpainted)
Mechanical strength
Class B2Y
Avg SQM weight
11.7 kg
Steel or timber with self-drilling screws
Strong characteristics
Non Combustible
Swisspearl facade panels are non-combustible. They have excellent fire behavior values and provide the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.
Light Weight
Low weight
Fibre cement is an extremely strong building material when dried. Therefore, it is extremely stable and light despite its low strength.
Sustainable and Efficient
The durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting and safe building envelope for decades.
Long-lasting Reliability
Weather resistant
Fibre cement is an extremely weather-resistant material. Severe weather conditions cannot harm the façade.
Equestrian Building, England UK
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