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The Swisspearl Sustainability Report


The Swisspearl Sustainability Report

Our role is to shape the future of building

Swisspearl is a leading fibre-cement manufacturer. Our operations are in Europe, and our supply chain is global. The expected lifetime of products is decades. However, in their applications our products serve multiple purposes and contribute to more sustainable buildings and a healthier environment.

What is sustainability to Swisspearl

For us, sustainability means our ability to respond to short-term needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their long-term needs. It’s about being responsible, i.e. in a manner which considers future generations. We include in sustainability environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects at Swisspearl and throughout our value chain.

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Swisspearl Sustainability Report 2022 PR12-01
Sustainability statements
Our sustainability strategy is built on four overall pillars. These four pillars represent Swisspearl’s efforts in terms of creating a positive climate, ecological and social impact. Under each of these pillars we have defined clear sustainability statements:

SustainabilityReport_Pikto_Climate and environment_Zeichenfläche 1
Climate and environment
The main focus for our own operations is to improve energy efficiency and replace fossil energy with alternative green sources.
SustainabilityReport_Pikto_Circularity_Zeichenfläche 1
The concept of the circular economy is a strong facet of sustainable development. We aim to contribute to the evolution of the circular economy model for the fibre-cement industry.
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Social Responsibility
Within this pillar we work on social topics further enhancing the Swisspearl employee experience.
Within this pillar we focus on further strengthening the common Swisspearl
way to manage, behave and operate.
Wenger Marco

"In June 2022 we acquired Danish fibre-cement manufacturer Cembrit. I am pleased that as a result of our efforts in the new Swisspearl, we managed to finalize our long-term sustainability goals in early 2023 as well as release this very first sustainability report for the new Swisspearl." Marco Wenger, CEO Swisspearl

We think and act sustainable.

As a leading supplier to the construction industry, we believe it is our responsibility to drive development in the right direction. We partner with industry pioneers and are committed to transparency and tangible solutions as we work together to create a better, more sustainable world.