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Colour Line

Swisspearl Carat

The classic, timelessly beautiful

The naturally dried colour line Carat creates clear expressiveness through a translucent, lightly pigmented surface. The through-coloured of the fibre cement panels creates monolithic and elegant-looking building envelopes. The 24 shades of the Carat colour line range from light to dark and from cool to warm shades, thus offering a particularly varied colour spectrum. Carat is independent and simple and, at the same time, offers numerous colour combinations. Alternatively, Carat is also available with a special HR coating that offers greater scratch resistance and protection against heavy soiling and graffiti.

Base panelthrough-coloured
Colours24 colours, optional HR coating available
AdditionCarat is available for interior in format Largo.
»The monolithic material structure and the independent texture give the Carat colour line a classic and timeless expressiveness.«

Swisspearl Carat – Available colours

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Anthracite 7021
Anthracite 7020
Anthracite 7025
Anthracite 7024
Azurite 7041
Azurite 7040
Jade 7050
Granite 7060
Granite 7061
Crystal 7010
Ivory 7091
Ivory 7090
Ivory 7099
Limestone 7082
Limestone 7080
Sandstone 7000
Sandstone 7002
Sandstone 7001
Amber 7073
Amber 7070
Amber 7071
Coral 7032
Coral 7030
Coral 7031

Swisspearl Carat – Available formats



Swisspearl sheets are mineral products and therefore non-combustible. They have excellent fire behaviour values. A property that provides the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.


Frost resistant
Fibre cement is extremely weather and frost-resistant due to its natural properties.

Sound Insulation
Sound insulating

The very good sound insulation values of fibre cement facade cladding ensure a quiet and pleasant living environment.

Durability and Maintenance free

Swisspearl panels are durable, extremely resistant and maintenance-free in their use. Their highly resistant surface finish does not require repainting even after years.

Sustainable and Efficient

Long-lasting and economical
The incomparably durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure from any weather or external influences, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting, safe and maintenance-free building envelope for decades.

High Resistant

Optional High-Resistance Coating
By choosing an additional High-Resistance (HR) coating, the panel has an even higher scratch and weather resistance as well as a protective effect against particularly heavy contamination and graffiti.

Custom made products



Perforations provide an exciting surface look for both the facade and interior walls. They allow natural light to enter the building and break away from traditional designs.



Geometric shapes, individual patterns, company logos or image motifs can be engraved on individual panels or across multiple panels.

Special Cut

Free forms and cutting

With individual cuts or free forms, unconventional building formations and facade designs can be created.

Custom Color

Custom Colours

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of colour theory and coating technology, we offer the ability to create custom colours in NCS, RAL and Pantone shades. Special colours are possible within the colour lines Carat, Nobilis and Planea.

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