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The garden and living collection from Swisspearl has a long history. The legendary fibre element was already used in 1912 to make the first fibre cement planter. Weather resistance, durability, and high stability make this material the perfect choice for outdoor use. In the 1950s, Swiss interior architect and furniture designer Willy Guhl designed the well-known Loop Chair, a true classic. Since then, many other designers have discovered the malleability of fibre cement for themselves. The result is the unique Swisspearl garden and living collection.

A material with special properties
Timeless pots and living objects
With their durability, our planters and living objects create space for lasting memories and life. Nature is enabled to reveal all its diversity, uniqueness, and evolution here. Durability does not mean stagnation, quite the opposite. It’s only the common thread through the story, your personal individually shaped story.
Environment friendly
Interior and exterior
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Natural. Consistent. Hand-formed.

As a pioneer in the production of fibre cement panels for facades, the Swisspearl Group wanted to work with architects and designers. This is how the tradition-rich company bridged design and industry.

The hand molding shop
Every pot, hand-formed, one of a kind
Material for designers
Fibre cement an inspiration for designers

Willy Guhl, a pioneer of today’s garden and living collection

When Swiss design legend Willy Guhl was hired as an external designer for garden products in the early 1950s, no one suspected that he would bring not just one, but several design classics to the group. While other designers used fibre cement panels mainly for architecture, Guhl was mostly fascinated by the material’s malleability when moist, the low thickness, and the subsequent stability. He was also fascinated by the material’s ability to acquire a wonderful patina over time. With his first drafts he laid the foundation for today’s garden and living collection. 

Timeless classic - then and today

Together with designers, architects, and companies, Swisspearl develops innovative products and individual solutions for inspiring private and public spaces, indoor and outdoor. The malleability of fibre cement offers countless possibilities for new, tailor-made garden and design objects—from planters to seats, tables to lamps and other design items. No wonder a growing number of designers are creating unique objects with high aesthetic standards. 

Designers and architects in collaboration with Swisspearl