Small - Swisspearl

Design by Michel Bruggmann

Elegance combined with classic design - that is the Kyoto planter. Available in eleven different sizes, it skillfully showcases perennials, shrubs and small trees.

Spindel_Kyoto_ROBERTPLUMB_Prue Ruscoe
IOTA Opera House 5

Design by Michel Bruggmann

Strong, robust - and yet light and delicate. The Osaka planter with its rounded corners is available in ten different sizes. The planters offer space for everything from small herb beds on the balcony to flower compositions in the garden.

Osaka Grau Kopie

Design by ZHDK

Spindel, also known as the Diabolo, is simply masterful with its shape that tapers in the middle. This piece can be used as an iconic planter, or alternatively as an indoor sculpture. Available in two different sizes.

Spindel_ROBERTPLUMB_Prue Ruscoe
spindel-56_92 Kopie

Design by Willy Guhl

The Biasca planter, also called Elephant's Ear, captivates with its organically inspired form. It received the "Good Form" award from the Swiss Werkbund in 1952. Today it is one of the Swiss design classics.


Design by Carmen Humbel und Thomas Geiger

High, round and widening conically towards the top - this is how the Alto planter presents itself. Available in three sizes up to a height of 75 cm.

Alto_Eternit_anthrazit 2
Alto Eternit_rund-40_55_grau Kopie

Design by Swisspearl

Lausanne is our flat, harmoniously round planter. The wide base and the low height ensure high stability.

Lausanne_ROBERTPLUMB_Prue Ruscoe2

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