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DSC_6281 (c) Rainer MutschDSC_6281 (c) Rainer Mutsch

Design by Willy Guhl

In 1954, the designer Willy Guhl created a design icon with a fibre cement panel joined to form an endless loop. The sculptural armchair, also known as the Loop Chair, impresses with its simplicity and classic elegance.

Guhl-stuhl_Eternit_freigestellt front Kopie

Design by Julia von Sponeck

Designer Julia von Sponeck has abandoned the classic loop shape for the armchair and worked with two fibre cement panels lying on top of each other. This creates a dynamic, ergonomically sophisticated shape that is particularly comfortable to sit on.


Sponeck Chair_Eternit
Baldai 16

Design by Nicolas le Moigne

Waste is generated at the Eternit factory during the production of various garden and design pieces. This waste finds a new life in the Trash Cube. Offcuts and leftover material are reshaped to form a stool or side table. The different pieces of waste used make each Trash Cube truly unique.

Trash Cube_Eternit_freisteller 1

Design by Rainer Mutsch

The Dune lounge chair consists of four elements that can be arranged as individual pieces or modularly. Rainer Mutsch achieved an exciting 3D effect with round, soft design elements in the design.

Dune_titan-anthrazit Kopie
Dune_Rechts Kopie
ECAL Chair

Design by Nicolas le Moigne

Inspired by the malleability of fibre cement, the designer and lecturer designed these elegant and resilient masterpieces with his students. The central fold gives the objects stability and lightness at the same time.


Ecal Chair_var2.1_highres

Design by Michel Charlot

The design of the Porto trio - table, side table and stool - impresses with a concise design language and maximum reduction. The trio not only looks good outdoors - Porto also makes a strong statement indoors.

Porto_table and stool_Eternit
The Bench

Design by Michel Bruggmann

The Bench, created by industrial designer, Michel Bruggmann, is a simplistic design. Composed of gently rounded corners and a smooth surface, it blends into any environment - indoors and outdoors. 

Die Bank_Eternit_anthrazit

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