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As a leading provider of building products, solutions, and services, we believe that there’s always MORE TO CREATE.

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As a Swiss family-owned company, we think in terms of future generations, and for decades we have been doing what we do best: Through curiosity, passion, and commitment, we turn raw materials into novel and sustainable products for facades, roofs, interiors, and garden areas. 

The headquarters of today's Swisspearl Group are located in Niederurnen (Switzerland), where one of the first production facilities for fiber cement was founded in 1903. However, the success story of our fiber cement began as early as 1894 in Vöcklabruck, Austria. There, where it was invented by Ludwig Hatschek. 

Today we are proud of our leading position in the innovation and technology of this material, which is used worldwide for the design of architecture and living spaces, exterior and interior. 

Swisspearl stands for Swiss quality  -  worldwide. 

We think long-term and make sustainable decisions.
Our employees
The basis of our success

It is our declared goal to become number one in the field of high-quality fiber cement worldwide

With goals that are always a little higher, thinking that is always a little ahead, and achievements that always go a little further than those of others, we turn living spaces into living dreams.

Behind more than 120 eventful business years, however, there is much more, namely 470 employees in Switzerland and a total of almost 2400 employees worldwide. Our qualified employees are the basis of our success and give our company a face.

Moving things forward together

While each person is unique and important in their own way, the path we walk is the same. The future presents us with new challenges. The path we pursue is “change” - in our culture, in the way we work, with whom we team up, how we define new goals and tackle them.

Our employees have creative freedom, can contribute their ideas and implement them without having to travel long distances. This is fun and moves everyone forward. We are always looking for new things and the best. Share your skills with us and help us shape the future of the construction industry.

Our mission for the environment
We think and act sustainably

We support a more sustainable build and buildings

As one of the building industry’s leading suppliers, we see it as our responsibility to drive development in the right direction. We are partners of pioneers within the industry, and we work for transparency and tangible solutions when it comes to our concerted efforts to ensure a better and more sustainable world. 

Hydropower Plant, Tosbotn, Norwegen
Hydropower plant, Norway
Hydropower Plant, Tosbotn, Norwegen
Hydropower Plant, Tosbotn, Norwegen
Across Europe and around the globe

Our daily work is based on environmentally conscious thinking and acting, and our corporate culture is about mutual respect and appreciation towards our partners and employees. 

With its subsidiaries and distributors worldwide, Swisspearl Group AG has a dense service network to be close to all customers. With our partners, competent and experienced contact persons are available for your project planning. Contact us - we look forward to supporting you in all matters concerning our products and services.

Tartu University Hospital Extension, Estonia
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Our high-quality products made from natural fibre cement combine excellent quality and durability to achieve sustainable solutions for aesthetic building envelopes and exquisite living spaces. Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees are always on hand to answer your questions. 

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