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The Swisspearl Magazine has been taking us on an architectural journey around the world for many years. Our products combine aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability on different continents. The magazine presents outstanding projects in different regions of the world and provides insight into the fascinating world of fibre cement. We explain how our material is turned into design objects and we introduce the people behind our innovation and the people who ensure that our products meet the highest standards. The highlight of the magazine is the annual “Top Building.” These projects are not only outstanding from an architectural point of view, they also have to meet special requirements and are often very challenging for the architects during construction. 

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Topics in the current issue #31

This year's issue number 31 holds an interesting mix of formats and colours - from vibrant colour and format mixes in metropolises like Paris, New York or San Francisco to elegant tones in anthracite and black of two summer houses in the remote nature of Sweden or New Zealand.

Our Insights provide interesting views on our connection with nature. How can fibre cement objects provide a habitat for frogs or birds and what is the interest of the Water Treatment Manager of the Swisspearl Group in his private environment? Find out more in issue #31 of Swisspearl Architecture Magazine.


Top Building
A Collection of ­Farmhouse Gables

The Beachside house sits on the shore, facing the Long Island Sound that separates Connecticut and New York’s Long Island.  With its four gable volumes covered in light-colored fiber cement 
panels it aims for an abstraction of New England vernacular architecture.

The architect aimed for an abstraction of New Englands archi­tecture.
Beautifully Nested

We become involved again and again with niche themes that are more than pure design objects. A successful example of this is Birdy, a nesting aid for little cave breeder birds. Such nesting aids play an important role in the maintenance and support of biodiversity. 

Birdy - with its 27-millimeter entrance hole, it's the ideal birdhouse for small birds.
Saving the Toads: One Tub at a Time

For years, conservation organizations have tried to assist by setting up artificial small bodies of water for the animals at favorable sites. In search of a solution, fiber cement turned out to be an excellent material. As a stone-like inert substance, its use is allowed in forests and conservation zones. The project was initiated by the con­ser­­vation organization Naturnetz, which in addition to permanent locations in Switzerland, also has mobile conser­va­ti­on groups. 

The toad tubs are still in development, the prototypes are being tested.
Hans Büsser
Employee Portrait
Water Treatment Manager

Hans Büsser originally trained in construction work and joined the Swisspearl team in 2007. He currently oversees the Niederurnen plant’s internal water filtration system, which ensures that wastewater can be purified and reused in an ongoing circuit. His systems-thinking skills and his interest in a sustainable approach to nature are also at the center of his chief hobby: tending a small vineyard in the foothills of the Glarus Alps. 

Out here in the vines, he always see something new.

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