Modula - Swisspearl
Bank building, Vouvry, Switzerland


Fine outline for durable protection

Modula lives from the fine, architectural rhythm. Available in two lengths, the slender tile strips are laid as a slip-on covering and can be arranged with either continuous or staggered vertical joints. A wide range of different surfaces and colors opens up numerous additional design variations.Two ready-to-install formats, in the dimensions 2500 × 300 mm / 1500 × 300 mm, panel thickness 8 mm.

Colorsover 90 colors with different surfaces
InstallationInverted cover
Laying of modules with continuous or staggered vertical joints possible
CertificationFire Classification A2-s1, d0
AdditionSpecial colors possible on request
Modula Formate

Module dimensions
2494 × 300 × 8 mm


Module dimensions
1494 × 300 × 8 mm


Bank building, Vouvry, Switzerland
Vouvry, Switzerland

Bank building

STAR Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
Tacoma, WA, USA

STAR Center



Architecturally Inspiring

Architectural inspiring
The natural raw material components and the typical fiber cement structure give the building envelope an unmistakable, independent material character. The variety of shapes and colors open up an almost limitless scope for facade design.


Natural building material
Our fiber cement consists largely of natural, mineral raw materials as well as recycled process fibers. Regional sourcing is very important to us. This effectively conserves important raw material resources.

Sound Insulation

The very good sound insulation values of fiber cement facade cladding ensures a quiet and pleasant living environment.

Durability and Maintenance free

Swisspearl panels are durable, extremely resistant and maintenance-free in their use. Their highly resistant surface finish does not require repainting even after years.


Swisspearl sheets are mineral products and therefore non-combustible. They have excellent fire behavior values. A property that provides the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.

Sustainable and Efficient

Long-lasting and economical
The incomparably durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure from any weather or external influences, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting, safe and maintenance-free building envelope for decades.

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