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Where does sustainability start?

Learn what three Swisspearl colleagues are doing to promote sustainability within their personal lives and the company.

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We are ready to help in all phases of your sustainable project – whether it be before, during or after building.


Before construction
Help with regard to planning and choice of materials

Choose the right materials

Our technical department and highly capable consultants can help you make the right choice when it comes to materials and structures for your particular project. They have in-depth structural insight, are familiar with good architectural design and can also help you to understand and interpret legislation. 

Have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at your plans

Our employees can help you go over your plans and optimise the consumption of materials. We can also help calculate quantities, thus enabling you to make headway with your LCA calculation or building certification. 

Find relevant information and documentation

All documentation and all instructions are readily available for you on our website. Here you’ll find EPDs, indoor climate certificates, CE labels, DOPs, installation instructions and ISO certifications for our work with environment, quality and working environment.  

During the construction
A helping hand at the building site

Have your panels pre-drilled and cut to size 

We can supply our panels pre-drilled, cut to size and sealed at the edges – and thus tailored to your particular project. This minimises waste at the building site, ensures quick and efficient installation and saves on materials. And it even makes logistics easier, as we do not deliver more material than you actually need and thereby reduce the CO2 emissions from transportation. 

Receive a visit at the building site 

In the case of major tasks, we are happy to come out to the building site and have start-up meetings with the craftsmen. We can provide instruction in safe and correct installation on your particular project. This can reduce waste, prevent mistakes and increase the lifetime of the structures concerned. 

We are happy to meet you on the construction site
After the construction
Help when the building is finished

Let us take care of documentation 

We can provide the necessary data and other information for your particular building project, thus making it easy for both you and the developer to document the building based on the relevant criteria for sustainability. 

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Contact us
We are ready to help

Do you need advice? More detailed information? A particular service? At Swisspearl we are ready to help in all phases of your sustainable project – whether it be before, during or after building. We are always ready to help. 

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