Peamount Healthcare Facility - Swisspearl
Peamount Healthcare Facility, Dublin, Ireland
Peamount Healthcare Facility, Dublin, Ireland
Clinic in a Park
Peamount Healthcare Facility | Dublin, Ireland

STW’s design for Peamount Healthcare Facility is the outcome of empathy; seeking to understand the challenges, capabilities, and experiences of the users. STW’s approach relates across all scales, from the building as a whole, down to the finest detail. Each bed has a view of the estate’s parkland surroundings. The central courtyards around which all the accommodations are organized are lightfilled oases of calm. The play of crisp rendered facades, large, horizontally mounted Swisspearl fiber cement panels and fenestration express the building’s planning grid and at the same time mediate between the need for durable finishes and softer, more tactile ones. In response to the dementia-friendly design brief for the facility, STW utilized a software to determine suitable light reflectance value contrasts between materials and finishes.

Peamount Healthcare Facility, Dublin, Ireland
  • LocationDublin, Ireland
  • ArchitectSTW Architects, Dublin, Ireland
  • BuilderPeamount Healthcare Facility, Dublin, Ireland
  • PartnerExcel Roofing, Cavan, Ireland
  • Year2019
  • PhotographerDonald Murphy, Dublin, Ireland
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