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Swisspearl Windstopper Basic

A windproof membrane for exterior walls

Windstopper Basic has a very low vapour transmission resistance, enabling moisture from inside the building to pass through. The unique manufacturing process does not include compressing resulting in a natural rough surface. In consequence, insulation can be placed directly against the inner side of the board.

The board is powerfully resistant towards both rot and fungal growth and can withstand considerable fluctuations in weather and climate conditions. Adding to this, the Windstopper Basic is non-combustible.

When installed according to installation instructions, Windstopper Basic will function as a temporary facade for up to 6 months.

1 colour 9 mm1200 mm2700 - 3000 mm
Technical data
Fibre cement
Coating and surface
No coating
Windstopper products consist of natural materials and variations may occur in the product colour or other characteristics from board to board.
Fire protection Class
Fixing - steel
Windstopper Basic is fastened with SCR-S 4.2x30 mm Universal screw on a steel frame. No pre-drilling is needed.
Fixing - wood
Windstopper Basic is fastened with SCR-W 3.9x38 mm Universal screw on a wood frame. No pre-drilling is needed.
Strong characteristics
Non Combustible
Swisspearl facade panels are non-combustible. They have excellent fire behavior values and provide the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.
Durability and Maintenance free
Low maintenance
Swisspearl panels are durable, extremely resistant and have low maintenance. Their highly resistant surface finish does not require repainting even after years.
Sustainable and Efficient
The durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting and safe building envelope for decades.
Long-lasting Reliability
Weather resistant
Fibre cement is an extremely weather-resistant material. Severe weather conditions cannot harm the façade.

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