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Swisspearl Sustainability Report

Swisspearl delivers products to outstanding sustainable and architectural buildings across Europe. To find out more about our sustainability ambitions, activities and results, read our detailed sustainability report.

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House RnEve, Mönchhof, AustriaHouse RnEve, Mönchhof, Austria
Sustainable design with Swisspearl

Rear-ventilated facade system

Swisspearl is a premium provider of rear-ventilated facades. Today, there are many construction types and material characteristics you can choose from.  The rear-ventilated facade system is considered to be particularly high-end and ecological.

The intelligent layer structure of the RVF provides a uniquely suitable component for each function of the outer wall. There is no other facade system on the market that can meet the heat, moisture, fire, and noise protection requirements as easily as Swisspearl. 

The rear-ventilated facade system complies with all requirements for environmentally friendly, ecological, and sustainable designs.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient and ecological

What makes the rear-ventilated facade system unique is the structural separation from the insulation and weather protection. Exterior humidity is prevented from reaching the brickwork and insulation, and the rear-ventilated space ensures optimal drying of any humidity from the interior. This improves energy efficiency and ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate all year round.

Our facade system is also impressive ecologically. The system itself is sustainable as the individual facade components can be separated. Swisspearl fiber cement is also a natural building material that offers many advantages over materials such as metal or aluminum.


Durable and economical

The Swisspearl facade system offers not only highly efficient thermal insulation, weather protection, and simple maintenance, but also good fire protection and sound-absorbing qualities. This ensures excellent living comfort over the long term and permanent operational reliability. The facade system is not susceptibility to damage, which could otherwise get expensive very quickly.  

Swisspearl facades stand for lasting protection, comfort, and economy and guarantee a durable, secure building envelope for decades.  


Maintenance-free and removable

All facades are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. The Swisspearl facade system enables unrestricted expansion of the cladding. This means there is no risk of costly repair work due to plaster cracks or frost-related peeling of the outer skin. The Swisspearl panels are incredibly durable and optimally protect the facade from weather or external influences.

The intelligently stacked design of the facade system makes it possible to subsequently remove and recycle individual components.

Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA
Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA
Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA
Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA
Intelligent layer structure

System structure of the Swisspearl facade

Swisspearl facades are based on the structurally superior principle known as a rear-ventilated facade system. The rear-ventilated facade system consists of four main components: Supporting structure, thermal insulation, substructure with rear ventilation, and facade cladding.

Unlike thermal insulation composite systems, the functions of thermal insulation and weather protection are structurally separated in the rear-ventilated facade system. Due to the air circulation in the rear ventilation space, construction and usage moisture is safely dissipated, thus preventing the formation of mold in the interior. The insulation and wall construction remain dry at all times and ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

Ventilated Facade, Figures

1  Supporting structure
Supporting construction of the building to absorb all loads

2  Substructure
Transfers the loads from the siding to the structure

3  Thermal insulation
Layer between the substrate and the ventilation space to improve the thermal and/or acoustic insulation capacity

4  Rear ventilation
Space through which outside air flows, adjoining the cladding on the back

5  Swisspearl fibre cement panels
Outer, visible layer of the outer wall with a protective and design function

Insulation and energy-efficiency

There are no limitations to the insulation capacity potential with rear-ventilated system. Any insulation thickness is possible. This means that the U-values of positive-energy buildings can easily be achieved and the specifications of the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) exceeded.

Swisspearl fibre cement

Design options for the building envelope

Swisspearl has a unique way of combining functionality with incredible aesthetics. The natural raw material components and the unique fibre cement structure lend the building envelope an unmistakable and striking character. The many available shapes and colours give you almost unlimited design options for high-quality facades.

House XL, Leskovec Pri Krskem, Slovenia
Leskovec Pri Krskem, Slovenia

House XL

Thompson House, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thompson House

Tartu University Hospital Extension, Tartu, Estonia
Tartu, Estonia

Tartu University Hospital Extension

RTVS, Kosice, Slovakia
Kosice, Slovakia


Inland Northwest Behavioral Health Hospital, Spokane, Washington, USA
Spokane, WA, USA

Inland Northwest Behavioral Health Hospital

Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA
Denver, CO, USA

Botanic Gardens

Washington DC, USA

Square 50

Westport, CT, USA

Red Barn

Saltnes, Norway

Villa Void

Mall Of America, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
Bloomington, MN, USA

Mall Of America

Cepa Incek Houses, Incek, Turkey
Incek, Turkey

Cepa Incek Houses

Tutt Library, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Tutt Library

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