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Swisspearl Smooth Straight

Swisspearl fibre cement slates are manufactured using Portland cement together with a non-asbestos formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. The slates are pigmented during production and are fully compressed. They are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the top face and edges and a tinted or transparent, high performance binder to the back face.

We offer a wide range of fibercement slates with either a smooth or structured surface with either dressed or non-dressed edges. Swisspearl fibre cement slates are available in a variety of sizes and colours and are complemented by a wide range of fibre cement accessories. Swisspearl fibre cement slates is a high quality fibre cement product used as a roofing material as well as a part of a ventilated facade solution.

plain surface with square edgesrectangular, square4 mmmultiple

*Appearance: available also with cut corners, punched holes

Technical data
Fibre cement
Coating and surface
Water-based acrylic paint.
2 standard + 3 special
Fire protection Class
A2 - s1, d0
Fixing - wood
Fix each Swisspearl slate with two 2.65mm x 30mm long copper nails and secure the tail of the slate with a copper disc rivet of suitable quality correctly bent downslope through 90°
Strong characteristics
Non Combustible
Swisspearl facade panels are non-combustible. They have excellent fire behavior values and provide the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.
Light Weight
Low weight
Fibre cement is an extremely strong building material when dried. Therefore, it is extremely stable and light despite its low strength.
Sustainable and Efficient
The durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting and safe building envelope for decades.
Long-lasting Reliability
Weather resistant
Fibre cement is an extremely weather-resistant material. Severe weather conditions cannot harm the façade.
Residential building, Pulečný, Czech Republic

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