STAR Center - Swisspearl
STAR Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
STAR Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
STAR Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
STAR Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
Fish-Scale Patterning
STAR Center | Tacoma, WA, USA

The new community center lies at the heart of a redeveloped regional sports and recreation campus. The primary functions are arranged as an arced series of nesting units that open to the landscaped surroundings and offer views of nearby Mount Rainier. The red Swisspearl clad facade features a unique fish-scale pattern and forms an integral part of an overarching sustainability strategy.

The ventilated Swisspearl façade is one of multiple energy-saving measures through which the STAR Center achieved LEED Gold accreditation. The facility benefits from natural ventilation and lighting, with all windows shaded by exterior blinds to minimize heat absorption. Fifty 300-foot deep geothermal wells supply tempered water to a central heat pump system, which distributes zoned heating and passive cooling throughout the

STAR Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
  • LocationTacoma, WA, USA
  • ArchitectMiller Hull Partnership, Seattle, USA
  • BuilderMetropolitan Park District of Tacoma, Tacoma, USA
  • PartnerLa Olson Construction, Seattle, USA
  • Year2013
  • PhotographerSteve Wanke Photography , Warren, USA
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