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House on Haliburton Lake, Haliburton Lake, Ontario, CanadaHouse on Haliburton Lake, Haliburton Lake, Ontario, Canada

Fibre cement in interior wall cladding

Fascinating material in a new context

Whether in private residences, lounges, work areas, or public areas: the interior is a living space. The requirements for interiors can range from aesthetic aspects to acoustics, robustness, feel, safety, and functional aspects.

Our products for interior design with their unmistakable material quality and technical properties combine a wide variety of design options with maximum quality standards for first-class, sophisticated interior designs.


When Swisspearl is used for the interior design, the room gets a fascinating and almost surprising quality and atmosphere. The fibre cement material with its fine surface structure and the carefully coordinated solid color render the Swisspearl panels unmistakably unique with a pleasantly natural look and feel. And thanks to their physical properties they are also extremely resistant, durable, flame-resistant, and low maintenance. Swisspearl panels also improve room acoustics. The perforated Swisspearl panels made of inert material absorb up to 10 dB(A) of sound. The degree of sound absorption can be improved further through the use of sound-absorbing mats.

Sound Insulation
Sound absorbing
Architecturally Inspiring
Inspired by architecture
House on Haliburton Lake, Ontario, Canada
House on Haliburton Lake, Haliburton Lake, Ontario, Canada
House on Haliburton Lake, Haliburton Lake, Ontario, Canada
Swisspearl Multiforce

Interior building boards from Swisspearl combine functionality with durability

Swisspearl Multiforce is a high-quality building board that is an ideal solution for inner wall plates that can meet specific requirements for creating practical and functional indoor spaces. With relatively low maintenance, Swisspearl fibre cement cladding boards can be used to create elegant and comfortable indoor ambience for all types of buildings.

Fibre cement wall panels from Swisspearl are long-lasting. The cement-bonded material makes the surfaces moisture-resistant and mould-resistant, which makes these boards a strong, long-term solution for indoor walls and ceilings. Swisspearl interior boards have a unique look and the cement grey glittering surface with bevelled edges, can be used for rooms that require a unique look or larger rooms like sports halls where the walls have to be simple and blend in.

Ref-Cembrit Multiforce-Denmark-6085-Full
Multi-functional Sports Hall, Himmerland, Denmark

Swisspearl interior design

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